Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 19.01.51Following the launch of FIVEUNDERFIFTEEN with IMPALA three months ago, we continue our focus on young labels, putting the spotlight on five labels from different countries across Europe – all voted by their peers as the best local young label.

Machete was created in 2012 by an Italian rapper’s crew.

The label now produces Salmo, Nitro, En?gma, Hell Raton, Dj Slait, Jack the Smoker, Riky, Rasty Kilo, Kill Mauri – a roster that tries to create a powerful and authentic Italian rap.

The Machete crew commented: “Rap in Italy, like everything else, has arrived very late. There’s not a real knowledge of this spirit and reaching people is very hard.

“Many rap artists, in order to become ‘mainstream’ and be able to live from their music, prefer to change their style and become more ‘pop’. We are trying to reach a large audience without distorting our work.”

Thanks to its large success on social media and its 14 releases, Machete is now one of the new references for rap in Italy.

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Why did you start a label?

For a crew like ours, with good background experience and with the great desire to make music our job, becoming a label was an important and necessary step. When we started we already had an excellent feedback on the web and we wanted to test our name in the real world of discography, to see if we could get the same results.

What are your best albums? 

Surely the most important albums were the three volumes of the saga Machete, especially the third, which got a “gold record” in three months.

We were able to put together all the major exponents of rap music in Italy. It was a great challenge for us but also a great achievement that gave us a lot of strength and credibility as a label.

What tips do you have for other labels?

Simply “try to add something more to the musical world”. Something that is authentic, original and that represents you. It may seem impossible, but it’s worth it!

Machete’s Life Playlist

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