International Marketing Manager

What you’ll be doing

Liaise with all departments within the team and where applicable external companies, as well as labels, International team and artists / artist management, to ensure good communication and efficient roll out of impactful marketing campaigns in tandem with the domestic marketing plan.

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Initiate release plans in conjunction with repertoire sources, UK marketing managers and artist managers.
  • Manage marketing budgets approved by head of department, monitor sales, streaming’s and activity on each project to ensure targets are being met.
  • Manage and coordinate physical and digital releases where rights are not held in the UK: liaise with UK marketing manager, repertoire sources and artist management where applicable to ensure release dates are met.
  • Maximise promotional results, streaming strategies and sales against marketing spend and budgets.
  • Collect and review international marketing and promotion plans
  • Proactive support of international marketing teams to achieve best possible set-up scenarios for priority releases. Request and deliver valuable content to the team to develop artists both on and offline.
  • Creative input for international online marketing. Ensure that all on and off-line marketing / promotion is integrated.
  • Work with digital managers and management where applicable to build community, databases, and viral campaigns.
  • Manage relationships with repertoire sources, artist management and keep them up to date on marketing and promotional activity
  • Report and analyse results to senior management.

Skills and Experience

  • Sound knowledge of marketing and of the International market, media, digital marketing, retail etc.
  • Ability to construct and implement innovative marketing strategies and ideas
  • Good understanding of music, musical trends and identifying opportunities…
  • Creative Marketing skills: coming up with creative marketing strategies or A&R ideas that strengthen and prolong campaigns.
  • Ability to work within a team environment
  • Strong coordination skills and drive: ability to coordinate artist and all artist teams, managements/label/A&R teams, together with promotion and sales team to optimize each campaign
  • Needs to be extremely organized, ability to multi-task and work under pressure within a team environment

Closing date for Applications will be 2nd March 2020.  Please send your CV and covering letter to

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