[PIAS] believes in treating everyone with whom it works or communicates with respect and trust, and that includes you. This also means respecting your privacy to the best of our ability, and not abusing or misusing the information you give us in any way. So we won’t sell your information to anyone, or load up your email with junk, or call you with any sales messages, and you are free to alter your preference settings at any time. In short, your information is safe with us. We appreciate the trust you place in us. And we’re committed to earning it in everything we do.

Our lawyers tell us that the above notice needs to be considerably more detailed, with lots of clause references, and long words, and that we need to talk far more about your new rights under GDPR. We think we have been abiding by the new law for a long time already, but just in case you want to check us out, here’s a link to our full data privacy and cookies policy. Please don’t forget though that we are a group of record companies, so make sure you hurry back to all the great music we release.